The Ecumenical Church

Pastor Bill Johnson

Born in California and raised by wolves in the Pacific Northwest…just kidding.  Actually, Pastor Bill was  born in California and raised in the Pacific Northwest, but not by wolves.  As a child he attended Southern Baptist Churches, Lutheran Churches and Roman Catholic Churches.  He learned about Jesus in all of them, which brought a realization that the truth of Jesus, His death and resurrection are not the property of any one denomination or church.  It isn’t about “churchianity”, which church one goes to, but about “Christ-ianity”, being a follower of Jesus Christ.

Having been challenged to take his faith more seriously while a student at Oregon State University, Bill finished his college work at Eastern Washington University with a degree in History.  Along the way he met JoAnn Villarreal, chased her until she caught him and they married in 1982.  They have three children; Josh, Korey, and Miranda.

Bill completed his M.Div. studies at the American Baptist Seminary of the West, which is one of the nine schools that make up the Graduate Theological Union.  Pastoring the Ecumenical Church of Pueblo West is a great joy because of its wonderful people and its genuine multi-denominational understanding of the way Church should be.