The Ecumenical Church
Paradise Memorial Garden

A little about our Paradise Memorial Garden!

The idea of a garden was planted in the year 2001.  It would be a place to inscribe a boulder or plant a tree in memory of a loved one.   A  simple design was drawn and members of the church responded by offering to contribute the path, a spruce tree, fountain, bridge and cross in memory of someone.  Spaces were planned on the original design for future plantings or benches. 

 A team of people worked hard all of 2002 bringing in soil, spreading rock and mulch.  A drip system was installed and we purchased xeriscape  perennials.  Trees continued to be planted as memorials and memorial benches were added.  By September 15, 2002 we were ready to have the Garden dedicated.

 Besides being a place to remember a loved one, it has taken on the appearance of a small  park and a delightful place to walk.  Benches along the way provide resting places where you can sit and watch the butterflies, or if you are lucky, a mother quail will scoot between bushes with her wee ones trailing behind her.  The Garden Room provides a place to sit and have lunch, read or just meditate.  The added labyrinth is a place for you to walk and pray or just be peaceful.

 The Garden can be used to hold functions such as tours through the Garden or a   beautiful wedding, an art contest, a place to paint, nature walk for school children and much more.  It is available for the community to freely use.  No need to register to walk the garden.

 The Garden is now in its 11th year and although many of the early Gardenin’ Angels are still around, they are all 11 years older and many cannot manage the exercise.  Therefore, we have found it necessary to hire younger people to help with the hardest tasks.

  Four years  ago we decided to have a fundraiser Tea. Tea and Gardens seem to go together and since then, we have had wonderful and special teas each year.  This year we have blended the Paradise Tea that we introduced last year.  During a break before the dessert course, Penn Parmenter will tell about each of the five herbs we used and where they are grown.  She is in the market of growing certain plants and saving the seeds and will explain how the best of the best seeds or plants are saved for marketing.  Our mild and delicious tea, served with the desert course, will be for sale after the Tea.  It will make a perfect gift for your special friend.

 We hope you come and help us support this God given venture. Anyone can be a Gardenin’ Angel (you do not have to be a member of Ecumenical…although it is a wonderful church).  We meet every Saturday morning.  Make new friends and learn new things.   “God also planted a garden in your imagination.  You can create a wildflower meadow in your mind no matter where you are     From the Garden Therapy book by Ted O’Neal: 

About Paradise Memorial Garden:

Truly, this is God’s Garden. It was planned and started in the fall of 2001 and has “grown up and blossomed”. Even with God’s help and the Gardenin’ Angels, it is hard to believe that the Pueblo West prairie could produce such a lovely place to visit. Honoring the memory of a friend or relative with an engraved stone, tree, bush, bench or other wonderful items has created a beautiful and useful garden. The Paradise Garden is a pleasant place to visit. Walk the Labyrinth path along with Bible versus…meditate, watch the birds and butterflies. Stay a while and enjoy the beautiful garden!


The plant sale is held each fall at which time plants from the garden are separated out and sold.