The Ecumenical Church

About Us

When folks began moving into what is now Pueblo West, Colorado there weren’t a lot of options for where to attend church. What was available wasn’t particularly welcoming to folks who were not from their particular denomination. As they began to pull people together they realized that people were coming from a lot of different backgrounds. Some were Lutheran, some Methodists, some were Baptist and some were Presbyterian. When they went to various groups the only two who would sponsor a new church that was willing to welcome folks from such diverse backgrounds without insisting that they change were the American Baptists and the Presbyterians.

So with the help of those two denominations a church was started that not only welcomed all believers in Jesus, but also encouraged folks to share their beliefs and backgrounds in a loving, caring way. The term “ecumenical” means the same as “catholic” or universal. In the Apostles Creed folks say, We believe in one, holy catholic (universal or ecumenical) church. We live that out.

We have a wonderful mix of backgrounds and theologies in our church. It reflects the whole Body of Christ, which is what we are! Anyway, welcome to our website and I am looking forward to “blogging” here. This will be a place where we can exchange ideas, share news, and most of all, share the love of Christ. Keep coming back to join in the conversation. Teach me and I hope to teach you.

Peace and Joy in Jesus

Pastor Bill

Board of Directors

Sandra Fish - President
George Burgers - Vice President
Diane Preuss - Secretary
Joyce Coffman - Treasurer

Howard Bruner
Mike Deulen
Monica Harvey
Andrew Keske
Karen Sherer



Senior Pastor - Rev. Billy F. Johnson
Associate Pastor - Rev. Marge Valentine
Associate Pastor - Rev. Matt Guy
Executive Administrator - Stacey Burns
Choir Director - Denise Hood
Children’s Ministry -   Dana Trujillo
Nursery - Jessica Burns and Samantha Preuss
Kinderkirk Director -  Natalie Sailer

Contact the church office at  719-547-3088